Bitter Words and a Weak Cause

If you haven’t already seen Carly Fiorina’s attack on the leftist idea of a War on Women, I strongly encourage you to do so right now.

The video starts with her saying that “A lot of women […] are sick of the ‘war on women’.”

She goes on to mention the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision that I touched on last week.


Well? Does her bold statement have any truth to it?

Yes, and no.

There are real issues that woman face.

  • Conservatives don’t want women to have access to birth control!

First of all, this statement is entirely based in myth. Even in the recent Hobby Lobby case that liberals are currently using to support this fact-less argument, Hobby Lobby still provides (for no extra charge!) 16 of the 20 common birth control options the Affordable Care Act requires.

No, birth control isn’t very accessible. I will admit that. It should be available over the counter. And you’ll find that the push for OTC birth control is gaining popularity in the conservative movement. War on women? Not so much.

  • There’s a wage gap, isn’t there?

Surely we’ve all heard that women on average make only $.77 to every $1 that a man makes. And yet here are three different sources refuting that. It’s important to note that previous studies don’t account for the fact that men and women are still not working entirely the same jobs. While there are currently more women than men in college and I believe new generations will see this equal out, the Baby Boomer generation is still in the work force. Women are more likely to be teachers and assistants while men are more likely to be engineers and business professionals–at least until the older generations filter out and the women currently in college filter in.

Not to mention if the wage gap were truly an issue the left cares about… why are women in the White House paid less than the men under the Obama Administration?

If we’re concerned about the wage gap, why don’t we start with the ones who are crying the most offense about it? And don’t even get me started on the homelessness rate. If women are treated so much worse in the work force, why is it that men are more likely to be homeless?

  •  Sexual assault and domestic violence are real problems typically associated with gender though, right?

Again, yes… and no. And while I’m not at all trying to undermine the pain that these women go through, it isn’t just women. And it isn’t just men who are abusers. The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network claims that at least 10% of all victims are male. One study shows that college men are on average only 10% less  to be coerced into sex than college women. A National Crime Victimization study found that men are more likely to be the victims of violent crime including homicide than women, though the stereotype causes people to perceive women as more vulnerable.

The problem in this case is that due to stereotypes regarding masculinity, boys and men are more hesitant to come forward. Psychotherapist Duncan Craig explains, “There are so many men who have been affected by sexual abuse. But the language is always about women and girls, so they feel completely ignored. They feel like they can’t speak out.”

What are liberals trying to do to fix this? They are trying to make call boxes for emergencies (though that still requires waiting on help to actually arrive–in the meantime what do you do?). They are telling women to urinate or vomit on themselves in order to lower their attackers libido (despite acknowledging that rape is less about the actual sex and more about overpowering a victim). They are telling women to have rape whistles to attract attention (even though the story of Kitty Genovese shows that attracting attention to your plight won’t guarantee help).

Conservatives on the other hand want to combat the problem with gun safety. Now, contrary to popular belief, gun safety is not removing guns from everyone. Gun safety is knowing how to work a gun properly. Conservatives want to have everyone armed, and they want everyone to know how to be safely armed. That way if someone tries to attack you, you can fight back. In most assault cases, the intimidation factor alone is enough to scare off an attacker. If not, it’s better a dead rapist than a violated woman (would anyone like to disagree with me on this one?).

So is the War on Woman mostly leftist propaganda designed to scare women into voting liberal?


I had an interesting response when I shared the beginning clip with a friend. She said that she felt Mrs. Fiorina’s response to the war on women was “internalized misogyny.” That by saying the war on women is leftist propaganda designed to scare women into voting one specific way, Fiorina was calling other women “stupid sheep” (her words, not mine). In fact, that’s not at all what I believe Fiorina was saying. My friend believes that if a woman feels attacked, even if it’s by a political party, it is no one’s business to tell them they aren’t being attacked.

And she’s right. If you ever feel attacked or targeted, say something! Speak up for yourself!

But here’s the problem.

The left does the same thing. They tell conservative women every day that we have no right to be conservative. They call us traitors (among other, less blog-friendly things) and some have even gone so far as to send death and rape threats to fellow women simply for disagreeing (Tumblr, anyone?). Want proof? Try here, here, here, here, and here. Now imagine the leftist outcry if any of that were happening to liberal women?

I don’t believe conservatives are really waging a war on women. I believe conservatives believe in individuals and individual rights and see people as individuals, not as their gender. I believe conservatives want personal freedoms and personal responsibilities, and I don’t believe any of that makes conservatives bad people. And I definitely don’t believe any of this to be an attack on people of my gender.


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